King Gee

King Gee Work Pants

King Gee K03010

Steel Tuff Drill Trouser.

Cotton Drill Trousers available in Navy Khaki or Green

King Gee K13100

New Gs Workers Pant.

King Gee K03020

Denim Work Jean.

King Gee K03390

Stretch Denim Work Jean.

King Gee K07020

Stretch Denim Work Short.

King Gee K07070

Drawstring Drill Short.

King Gee K07640

Stonewash Denim Short.

King Gee K07810

Jean-Top Drill Short.

King Gee K13500

Steel Work Pant.

King Gee K07010

Drill Utility Short.

King Gee K04030

Open Front Drill Shirt S/S.

King Gee K04060

Closed Front Drill Shirt S/S.

King Gee K04010

Open Front Drill Shirt L/S.

King Gee K04020

Closed Front Drill Shirt L/S.

King Gee K04580

Chambray Shirt L/S.

King Gee K01240

Summerweight Drill Combination Overall.

Overalls designed for when its hot

King Gee Action Back Overalls

King Gee K02060

Sleeveless Drill Overall.

King Gee Action Back Overalls available in Navy

King Gee Overalls

King Gee K01010

Combination Drill Overall.

Available in Navy with sizes upto 147s

King Gee Poly Cotton Overalls

King Gee K01190

Wash n Wear Combination Polycotton Overall.

Available in Navy with sizes upto 132s

King Gee Bib and Brace

King Gee K02010

Bib and Brace Drill Overall.

Classic Bib and Brace style with adjustable straps

King Gee K13800

Workcool Drill Pant.

King Gee K13280

Narrow Tradie Pants - NEW.

King Gee K13290

Narrow Summer Tradie Pants - NEW.

King Gee K03050

Plain Front Permanent Press Trouser.

King Gee K13050

Utility Pant.

King Gee K07130

Plain Front Permanent Press Short.

King Gee K13355

Mens Jean Chinos.

King Gee K04240

Mens Oxford Weave Shirt L/S.

King Gee K04270

Mens Oxford Weave Shirt Finish S/S.

King Gee K04350

Mens Cotton Mini-Twill Shirt L/S.

King Gee K04360

Mens Cotton Mini-Twill Shirt S/S.

King Gee K04745

Corporate Polo.

King Gee Workwear

King Gee leads the market in the supply of comfortable and reliable workwear for all Australians. That is, men and women, from all industries and job functions. King Gee has been Australia’s workwear expert since 1926 so you can be assured that garments are made to the highest quality and design standards. Insightful design coupled with quality workmanship means working hard in your KingGees never felt better. From boots through to suits, products are designed and developed by working in partnership with those that wear them. Whether your workplace is on a building site, down a mine, behind a service counter or in a city office, King Gee can kit you out, offering a full range of industrial and high visibility wear, workboots and stylish corporate apparel.

B-Protected source product from the King Gee range as part of your uniform and are happy to bring styles in from the King Gee warehouse on request.

B-Protected also offer Metro Melbourne customers a mobile workwear fitting service where we visit your company and fit out your staff.