HRC1 Overalls


HRC1 Orange Overalls.

HRC 1 inherent protection at a light 155gsm weight

$273.62 + gst =$300.98

Arc Rated Jackets


HRC2 Arc Rated Hi Vis Jacket.

Made from a waterproof polyester oxford, carbon fiber outer with an FR ARC rated finish

$248.12 + gst =$272.93

Food Industry Safe Polo


Mens Hi Vis Short Sleeve Aztec Polo.

Button free placket – Food industry safe

$20.32 + gst =$22.35

Food Industry Safety Polo


Mens Hi Vis Long Sleeve Aztec Polo.

Food Safe Hi Vis Polo

$23.72 + gst =$26.09

Syzmik Hoodie


Pull Over Hi Vis Textured Hoodie.

Abvailable in Orange/Navy, Yellow/Navy, Orange/Charcoal and Yellow/Charcoal

Syzmik Hoodie


Hi Vis Full Zip Hoodie.

Warm soft 320 gsm brushed polyester cotton

$47.52 + gst =$52.27

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket


Hi Vis Ultralite Waterproof Jacket.

Waterproof rating 10,000mm With Mesh Lining

$62.82 + gst =$69.10

Hi Vis Jacket With Hood


Hi Vis 4 In 1 Waterproof Jacket.

Waterproof and breathable hi vis jacket

$110.42 + gst =$121.46

Hi Vis Cotton Jacket


Hi Vis Cotton Jacket.

Cotton Drill Jacket with Water and oil repellent finish

$90.02 + gst =$99.02

Quilt Lined Jacket


Hi Vis Storm Jacket.

Quilt Lined Warm Hi Vis Jacket

$76.33 + gst =$83.96

5000mm Waterproof Jacket


HI Vis Quilted Flying Jacket.

Waterproof rating 5,000mm

$61.03 + gst =$67.13

Hi Vis Soft Shell


Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket.

Breathable and Waterproof rating 5,000mm

$66.30 + gst =$72.93

Waterproof Nylon Jacket


Hi Vis Lightweight Jacket.

Summer Weight Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

$66.13 + gst =$72.74

Ripstop Overalls


Heat Stress Management Hi Vis Overalls.

140% More breathability than traditional work overalls and 77% More tearing strength than traditional work overalls

$96.82 + gst =$106.50

Fleece with Chunky Zip


Hi Vis Half Zip Fleece Jumper.

Hi Vis Fleece with chunky zip

$32.22 + gst =$35.44

Reflective Fleece Top


Hi Vis Fleece Jumper - Hoop Taped.

Side seam pockets to keep your hands warms

$42.33 + gst =$46.56

Shoulder Tape Fleece


Hi Vis Fleece Jumper - Shoulder Taped.

Reflective tape in H configuration

$42.33 + gst =$46.56

Syzmik Polo


Hi Vis Basic Short Sleeve Polo.

This polo has moisture wicking properties.

$13.43 + gst =$14.77



Hi VIs Basic Long Sleeve Polo.

144 Filament supreme microfibre polyester

$15.13 + gst =$16.64

Breathable Hi Vis Polo


Hi Vis Short Sleeve Polo With Shoulder Tape.

This polo is Highly breathable and quick dry

$25.33 + gst =$27.86

Night Time Use Polo


Hi Vis Long Sleeve Polo With Shoulder Tape.

This polo has reflective tape for night time use

$28.73 + gst =$31.60

Polyester Safety Polo


Hi Vis Long Sleeve Polo With Hoop Tape.

This Polyester Safety Polo is Highly breathable and quick dry

$28.73 + gst =$31.60

Class D Polo


Unisex Hi Vis Short Sleeve Squad Polo.

Class D - Day Use Hi Vis Polo

$22.95 + gst =$25.25

Squad polo shirt


Unisex Hi Vis Long Sleeve Squad Polo.

Large sizes available upto 7XL

$26.35 + gst =$28.99

Zip Pocket Hi Vis Polo


Hi Vis Track Polo With Pocket.

Polo with a zip pocket

$22.95 + gst =$25.25

Syzmik Polo With Logo


Mens Hi Vis Zone Polo.

Sleeve print design detail and Reflective piping detail

$22.02 + gst =$24.22

Sports Safety polo


Hi Vis Astro Polo.

Hi Vis polo with a sports style collar

$22.02 + gst =$24.22

Quick Dry Work Singlet


Unisex Hi Vis Squad Singlet.

Highly breathable and quick dry Singlet

$11.82 + gst =$12.99

Yellow Waterproof Pants


Hi Vis Taped Storm Waterproof Pants.

Waterproof rating of 5,000mm

$33.83 + gst =$37.21

Round Neck Safety Jumper


Hi Vis Crew Sweatshirt.

Warm soft 320 gsm lining perfect for cold days

$28.81 + gst =$31.70

Hi Vis Pull Over


Hi Vis Half Zip Pullover.

Half zip construction so you can let the air in when you’re hot and block the wind out when you are cold

$33.92 + gst =$37.31

Bio Motion Overalls


Bio Motion X Back Overalls.

Compliant with Australian night time road work requirements with X back configuration

$86.62 + gst =$95.28

Bio Motion Pants


Bio Motion Taped Pants.

Compliant with Australian night time road work requirements with double hoop leg tape

$44.12 + gst =$48.53

Ripstop Reflective Pants


Heat Stress Management Taped Cargo Pants.

Increase Airflow with Ripstop technology

$57.72 + gst =$63.49

Womens quick dry polo


Womens Hi Vis Zone Polo.

Womens Highly breathable and quick dry polo

$22.02 + gst =$24.22

Ladies Ripstop Pants


Heat Stress Management Womens Work Pants.

140% More breathability than traditional work pants and 77% More tearing strength than traditional work pants

$52.62 + gst =$57.88

Syzmik Womens Jeans


Womens Stretch Work Jeans.

Womens Strecth Jeans for work

$54.32 + gst =$59.75

Syzmik Work Hoodie


Multi-pocket Hoodie.

This hard wearing hoodie is built to handle the tough jobs, made from a warm comfortable fabric you will love wearing.

$47.60 + gst =$53.36

Modern Fit Jeans


Stretch Denim Work Jeans.

Stretch Modern Fit Jeans

$54.40 + gst =$59.84

Zipper Front Coveralls


Zip Front Lightweight Cotton Overalls.

Made from cool and comfortable lightweight cotton drill

$64.52 + gst =$70.97

Zip Front Overalls


Zip Front Poly Cotton Overalls.

Strong poly-cotton fabric ideal for the toughest of jobs with two way zip front.

$54.40 + gst =$59.84

Denim Work Jeans


Heavy Duty Cordura Stretch Denim Jeans.

Modern straight leg stretch fit Metal zipper and stud button closure Triple stitched in-leg seam

$68.00 + gst =$74.80

Ripstop Work Pants


Heat Stress Management Cargo Pants.

Square Weave Cotton Ripstop - 240 gsm

$52.62 + gst =$57.88

Multi Pocket Pants


Ultralite Multi-pocket Work Pants.

65% Polyester 35% Cotton Ripstop blend with Cordura® patches

$64.60 + gst =$71.06

Syzmik Knee Pads


Knee Pad.

100% Polythene for Syzmik work pants

$12.75 + gst =$14.03

Adjustable Waist Pants


Basic Cargo Pant.

310gsm cargo pants with adjustable side tab on waistband

$3732.00 + gst =$41.05

Syzmik Ripstop Shorts


Heat Stress Management Work Shorts.

100% Square Weave Cotton Ripstop - 240 gsm

$40.80 + gst =$44.88

Shorter Fit Shorts


Heat Stress Management Short Short.

Mechanical stretch to give you more freedom of movement

$29.92 + gst =$32.91

Adjustable Waist Shorts


Basic Cargo Short.

Adjustable side tab on waistband

$33.83 + gst =$37.21

Multi Pocket Shorts


Ultralite Multi-pocket Short.

15 pockets make this short the ultimate tool to get the job done

$54.40 + gst =$59.84


Syzmik is the workwear arm of Fashion Biz, well known for corporate and promotional clothing. Syzmik believe that Knowing how important it is to keep workers safe as they work hard daily, the requirement for safety compliant hard wearing work gear has never been greater than it is now. Hard working people are the foundation of any successful enterprise and therefore the inspiration for having witnessed tragedy rip the heart out of Christchurch, New Zealand, and how the nation’s neighbours rallied in support, pride in our country and our people inspired the name for a new release of industrial workwear for both Australia and New Zealand. SYZMIK (seismic) means “caused by an earth vibration”. Fabric quality and compliance to safety standards is of paramount importance to SYZMIK. So much so that every single style has been independently tested and categorically guarantees every test has been passed.Under development and continuous strict testing for safety compliance, durability and comfort the SYZMIK range of workwear has been developed to meet the needs of hardworking men and women in the workplace across a variety of industries. Syzmok workwear will continue to grow and develop more quality products using innovative fabric technologies which undergo stringent testing to ensure reliability to those whose lives depend on it.

As in years past, Bisley’s competitive pricing, exceptional quality and accessibility sets it apart from the competition, making it one of Australasia’s fastest growing Workwear brands.

B-Protected source product from the Bisley Workwear range as part of your uniform and are happy to bring styles in from the Bisley warehouse on request.

B-Protected also offer Metro Melbourne customers a mobile workwear fitting service where we visit your company and fit out your staff.