Dust Coats

Dust Coat

Hard Yakka Y06050

Poly Cotton Dust Coat.
Colours = Blue Medit | Grey | Navy | White

Food Industry Dust Coat

DNC Workwear 3501

200gsm Polyester Cotton Food Industry dust Coat.
Two internal side pockets with additional open access. One internal chest pocket.

DNC Dust Coat

DNC Workwear 3502

200gsm Polyester Cotton Dust Coat (Lab Coat).
Medium Blue, Navy or White

Workcraft Dust Coat

Workcraft WJ047

Two Tone Poly Cotton Dust Coat .
Navy/Orange XS - 6XL

Workcraft White Dust Coat

Workcraft WJ057

White Poly Cotton Dust Coat.
White XS - 6XL

Workcraft Food Dust Coat

Workcraft WJ3011

Food Industry Dust Coat With Ribbed Cuff.
White XS - 4XL

Workcraft Cuff Dust Coat

Workcraft WJ3085

Food Industry Dust Coat With Ribbed Cuff (orange Band).
White/Orange band XS - 4XL

Polyester cotton is the most common fabric used to make dust coats, although Hard Yakka is a manufacturer of a 100% cotton dust coat, the Y06040. Overalls are made from all cotton, and although the Hard Yakka dust coat is made from a lighter weight material, it is often used in similar environments.

The addition of polyester increases suitable for working with liquids, since polyester repels water. For this reason, food industry dust coats are often manufactured using this fabric.

Another feature of food industry garments is that they are designed to minimise places where food could get caught up and hence be more hygienic. Most food industry garments place pockets on the inside for this reason.