Dust Masks

Mask For Dust

PRO-Choice Safety PC101

Non Toxic Dust Mask.
Box Of 50 Masks

P1 Dust Mask

PRO-Choice Safety PC301

Respirator P1 No Valve.

Dust Mask P1

PRO-Choice Safety PC315

Respirator P1 With Valve.

P2 Dust Mask

PRO-Choice Safety PC305

Respirator P2 No Valve.

P2 Respirator

PRO-Choice Safety PC321

Respirator P2 With Valve.

Carbon Respirator

PRO-Choice Safety PC531

Respirator P2 With Valve & Carbon Filter.

Pack Of Dust Masks

PRO-Choice Safety PC101-10

Non Toxic Dust Mask. 10 Piece Blister Pack.

P1 Dust Mask Pack

PRO-Choice Safety PC301-5

Respirator P1 No Valve. 5 Piece Blister Pack.

P2 Dust Mask Pack

PRO-Choice Safety PC321-3

Respirator P2 With Valve. 3 Piece Blister Pack.

Flat Dust Masks

PRO-Choice Safety PC2122

Horizontal Flat Fold Respirator P2 With Valve.

Mesh Dust Mask

PRO-Choice Safety PC821

PRO-MESH Respirator P2 No Valve.

Mesh Respirator

PRO-Choice Safety PC822

PRO-MESH Respirator P2 With Valve.

PROmesh Dust Mask

PRO-Choice Safety PC823

PRO-MESH Respirator P2 With Valve & Carbon Filter.

If you are purchasing dust masks a Dust Mask Must Be Worn Sign should be displayed to remind employees.

B-Protected supply Disposable Dust Masks to Trade and Retail customers all over Australia. They can be ordered online and delivered or can be picked up from our Dandenong Trade Centre with a few days notice. The carton prices for Disposable Dust Masks are discounted if you wish to bulk buy.

The Disposable Respirators offer different levels of protection. "Non Toxic" offers the least protection, P1 is the next step up and P2 offers better protection than P1. For help on which to choose please call (03) 9792 1380.

B-Protected welcomes purchase orders from: Account Customers, NGO's, Schools, Colleges & Universities, ASX listed companies & Federal, State & Local Government.