Ear Plugs

Disposable Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPOC

PRO-BULLET Box of 100 PU Corded Earplugs.

Orange Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPOU

PRO-BULLET Box of 200 PU Uncorded Earplugs.

Yellow Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPYC

PRO-BELL PU Earplugs CORDED. Box of 100.

Bell Shape Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPYU

PRO-BELL PU Earplugs UNCORDED. Box of 200 .

Metal Detector Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPBMDC

PRO-BELL PU Metal Detectable Earplug. Box of 100.

Pack Of Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPOU-10

PRO-BULLET PU Earplugs UNCORDED. 10 Pairs in Hang Sell Pack .

Ear Plugs Pack

PRO-Choice Safety EPOU-50

PRO-BULLET PU Earplugs UNCORDED. 50 Pairs in resealable Tradie Pod.

Reusable Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPSC

PRO-SIL Reusable Silicon Earplugs. CORDED.

Silicon Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPSU

PRO-SIL Reusable Silicon Earplugs. UNCORDED.

Headband Earplugs

PRO-Choice Safety HBEPA

PRO-BAND Headband FIXED Earplugs. (Bonus Pads).

Band Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety HBEPAR

PRO-BAND Headband FIXED Replacement Pads for HBEPA.

Ear Plugs Head Band

PRO-Choice Safety HBEP

PRO-BAND Headband Earplugs. (Bonus Pads).

Head Band Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety HBEPR

PRO-BAND Headband Replacement Pads for HBEP.

Earplug Dispenser

PRO-Choice Safety EPDS500A

Earplug dispenser station - station only..

Ear Plug Dispenser Refill

PRO-Choice Safety EPDS500R

PRO-BULLET PU Earplugs DISPENSER REFILL - 500 Pairs per bag.

Bulk Ear Plugs

PRO-Choice Safety EPYU500R

PRO-BELL PU Earplugs DISPENSER REFILL - 500 pairs per bag.

Ear Plugs

UniSafe SF001

Uncorded Earplug sealed pouch Class 4 25dB(A) 200p/box.

Corded Ear Plugs

UniSafe SF002C

Corded Earplug sealed pouch Class 4 24dB(A) 100p/box.

Ear Plug Bands

UniSafe SF003

Banded Hearing Protector & spare pods Class 3 19dB(A).

B-Protected supply Disposable and Reusable Ear Plugs to Trade and Retail Customers all over Australia. They can be ordered online and delivered or picked up from our Dandenong Trade showroom with a few days notice. discounts can be offered for large quantities, some carton prices are listed online, or request a quote for bulk / contract pricing.

Ear plugs are often split into Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 and Class5. Class 2 offers a low level of protection upto Class 5 which offers a higher level of protection.

B-Protected welcomes purchase orders from: Account Customers, NGO’s, Schools, Colleges & Universities, ASX listed companies & Federal, State & Local Government.