Printed Hard Hats

Printed Hard Hat

UniSafe TA560

Printed Hard Hat ABS (Type 1) Unvented - Add Logo.
Your logo can be printed on a White, Yellow, Blue, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Watermelon or Grey TA560 Hard Hat.

Printed Safety Helmet

UniSafe TA570

Printed Safety Helmet ABS (Type 1) Vented - Add Logo.
Unisafe Hard Hats can be printed using a Blue, Black, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Yellow, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Watermelon, White or Yellow Hard Hat

Hard Hat Add Logo

UniSafe TA580

Printed Polycarb Hard Hat (Type 2) Unvented - Add Logo.
Polycarbonate Hard Hats are for high temperature environments. They can be printed using a white or yellow TA580 Hard Hat.

Safety Helmet With Logo

UniSafe TA590

Safety Helmet With Logo - Polycarb (Type 2) Vented.
The TA590 is an Australian made Polycarbonate Type 2 vented safety helmet suitable for smelting, welding and high temperature areas. It can be printed using a White, Yellow, Fluoro Yellow or Fluoro Lime Hard Hat.

Hard Hat Printed Logo

UniSafe TA400

Hard Hat With Printed Logo ABS (Type 1).
Logo printing and application of reflective tape to UniSafe safety helmets does not affect the integrity of the safety helmet. Scott Safety uses reflective tape that is an approved accessory under AS/NZS 1801:1997.

Printed Helmet

UniSafe TA440

Printed Helmet With Company Logo Polycarb (Type 2).
The TA440 can be printed using a White or Red Hard Hat

Printed Hard Hats can be customised by printing in a variety of positions. The front both sides and the back can be printed.

For direct printing Unisafe have a minimum run of 20 Hard Hats. If you wish to have less than 20 hard hats stickers are a practical technique for you and stickers are usually less expensive than direct printing.

Unisafe corporate branding and reflective tape options are available across the range of Australian made UniSafe brand safety helmets, to create and maintain company images and visibility on site.

Your safety helmet does more than protect your head. It represents you, your company and even your achievements. Our top quality logo safety helmet customisation service is dedicated to putting your logos, reflective tapes or slogan on your choice of safety helmet accurately and quickly.