Oliver Safety Boots

Oliver Safety Boots are part of the Honeywell Group and is now part of the Honeywell Safety Products division which offers a full range of head to toe Personal Protective Equipment.

The Oliver Safety Boots range includes the following series which are designed with different features for different environments.

Oliver AT’s which is short for All Terrains are made up of the 45 series (product code starts with 45). They have a composite lightweight toe cap and are metal free. The All Terrain 55 series has a steel toe cap and temperature resistant sole. The All Terrain 65 series are Caustic Resistant and have water resistant leather.

The Oliver range also features the 34 series multipurpose safety boots and shoes with Gripthane sole, the 44 series safety runner range and the 66 series smelter and emergency services footwear.

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Showing 1–12 of 57 results