Safety Spec Accessories

PRO Spec Cord

PRO-Choice Safety SC

Spectacle Cord.

PRO Spec Pouch

PRO-Choice Safety SP

Spectacle Pouch.

PRO Lens Cleaner

PRO-Choice Safety LC100AF

Lens Cleaning Wipes. Alcohol Free. Box of 100.

PRO Anti Fog Wipe

PRO-Choice Safety AFW100

Anti-Fog Lens Wipes. Box of 100.

PRO Iso Wipes

PRO-Choice Safety CW75

Iso Propyl Cleaning Wipes. Cannister of 75..

Spec Case

UniSafe EP250

Clip top carry case for spectacles.

Spec Bag


Micro-fibre draw string spec bag.

Spec Cord

UniSafe SC500

Spectacle neck cords.

Spec Neck Strap

UniSafe SNH600

Neoprene spectacle neck strap.

Glasses Cord

UniSafe SCA560

Adjustable spectacle cord.

Lens Cleaning Station

UniSafe EC200

Lens cleaning metal station with 2 fluid pump bottles & tissues.

Spec Cleaning Station

UniSafe EC201

Lens cleaning metal station with 2 aerosol cans & tissues.

Lens Cleaning Fluid

UniSafe EC002

Lens cleaning fluid 200ml pump bottle (full).

Lens Cleaning Spray

UniSafe EC240

Lens cleaning aerosol spray can 150g (full).

Spray Head

UniSafe EC250

Atomiser spray head for EC002 200ml pump bottle.

Lens Cleaning Tissues

UniSafe EC260

Lens cleaning tissues 120pk.

Lens Cleaning Sachets

UniSafe EC005

Lens cleaner EasyClean anti-fog wipe in sachets - 300/box.

Eyewash Bottle

UniSafe EW001

Eyewash bottle 250ml (empty).

Bolle Lens Wipes

Bolle 1651100

B-Clean Dispenser With 100 Lens Wipes.

Bolle Goggles Case

Bolle 1650415

Safety Semi-Hard Goggle Case.

Bolle Lens Cloth

Bolle 3111410

Safety Silver/Grey Lens Cloth With Black Logo.
Box Of 100 With Price Each

Bolle Spec Pouch

Bolle 3209927

Black Soft Draw String Pouch.
Box Of 10 With Price Per Pair

Bolle Safety Spec Cleaner

Bolle 1651410

B-Clean Station CARDBOARD Wall Dispenser.

Bolle Spec Cord

Bolle 1601001

Safety Spec Cord - Adjustable.
Box Of 50 With Price Per Pair

Bolle Spec Case

Bolle 3111408

Safety Semi-Hard Spec Case.