Sun Hats

Canvas Sun Hat

PRO-Choice Safety CSH

Poly / Cotton Sun Hat (BLUE / GREEN / WHITE).
Canvas Sun Hat with wide and protective brim

Straw Sun Hat

PRO-Choice Safety SH

Straw Hat.
Straw Hat With Hi Vis Band

Cooling Neck Tie

PRO-Choice Safety CT

Cooling Neck Tie.
Re-usable and crystal filled to retain water for slow release evaporation

Ch66 Cap

Winning Spirit CH66

Heavy Brushed Cotton Surf Hat. 100% Cotton UPF rating 50+ for excellent UV protection..
Cotton Sun Hat available in 5 different colours.

Winning Spirit H1035

Winning Spirit H1035

Surf Hat With Break-Away Clip on Chin Strap. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton. UPF rating 50+.
9 different colours with breakaway strap