Welding Gear

PRO Welders Apron

PRO-Choice Safety WA96

Welders Apron Chrome Leather.

PRO Welders Sleeves

PRO-Choice Safety WA108

Welders Apron Chrome Leather.

PRO Leather Sleeves

PRO-Choice Safety WS

Welders Sleeves Chrome Leather.

PRO Welders Spats

PRO-Choice Safety WSVL

Welders Spats. Chrome Leather.

PRO Leather Spats

PRO-Choice Safety WSVXL

Welders Spats. Chrome Leather.

PRO Welders Cap

PRO-Choice Safety WC

Welders Cap with Nape. Chrome Leather.

PRO Welders Blanket

PRO-Choice Safety WB

Welders Blanket Kevlar Stitched Chrome Leather Metal Eyelets.

PRO Kevlar Stitch Blanket

PRO-Choice Safety WB33

Welders Blanket Kevlar Stitched Chrome Leather Metal Eyelets.

PRO Welders Jacket

PRO-Choice Safety WJ

Welders Jacket. Kevlar Stitched.

PRO Welders Hood

PRO-Choice Safety PVHM

PYROMATE Pyrovatex Hood Maroon.

PRO Pyro Jacket

PRO-Choice Safety PVJ

PYROMATE Pyrovatex Jacket..

Welding Goggles

UniSafe WG835

Weldview Goggle Shade 5.


UniSafe WW365

Replacement Shade 5 lens 50mm for WG835.

Clear Lens

UniSafe WW484

Replacement Clear Polycarb lens 50mm for WG835.

Goggle Elastic

UniSafe RR440

UniSafe replacement elastic for goggle.

Shade 5 Goggles

UniSafe WV830

Longbow welding goggle shade 5 .

Welding Helmet

UniSafe WL530

Welding Helmet wth Shade 10 lens.

Shade 10 Lens

UniSafe WW250

Shade 10 Replacement Lens.

Shade 11 Lens

UniSafe WW251

Shade 11 Replacement Lens.

Shade 13 Lens

UniSafe WW253

Shade 13 Replacement Lens.

Chipping Lens

UniSafe WW311

Polycarb Clear Chipping Lens Replacement - High Impact (V).

Welding Ratchet

UniSafe WA184

Welding Helmet Ratchet Harness Replacement.

Cap Attach Shield

UniSafe WLC510

Cap Attach Welding Shield with Shade 10 filter chipping and cover lens (110mmx90mm).

Black Helmet

UniSafe TA560:BK

Safety Helmet Type 1 ABS plastic (black).

Welding Filter

UniSafe WF119:10

Replacement Shade 10 Welding Filter (110mmx90mm).

Polycarbonate Cover

UniSafe WCL119

Replacement polycarbonate cover/chipping lens (110mmx90mm).

Cap Attach Welding

UniSafe WLC535

Cap attached welding helmet for generic safety helmets.

Shade 7 Lens

UniSafe WW257

Shade 7 Replacement Lens.

Shade 8 Lens

UniSafe WW258

Shade 8 Replacement Lens.

Shade 9 Lens

UniSafe WW259

Shade 9 Replacement Lens.

Ww252 Lens

UniSafe WW252

Shade 12 Replacement Lens.

Shade 14 Lens

UniSafe WW254

Shade 14 Replacement Lens.

Auto Welding Helmet

UniSafe WL540ADF

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - variable Shade 9-13 with grinding mode High Impact.

Welding Shield

UniSafe WLC510ADF

Auto Darkening Welding Shield - variable Shde 9-13 with grinding mode High Impact.

Wxhg02 Harness

UniSafe WXHG02

Replacement harness.

Wxsb02 Sweatband

UniSafe WXSB02

Replacement sweat band.

Wxcl Cover

UniSafe WXCL

Replacement cover lens.

Wh515 Filter

UniSafe WH515

Replacement variable auto darkening filter.

Wxicl Cover Lens


Replacement internal cover lens.