Work Jeans

Womens Work Jeans

Hard Yakka Y03042

Womens Stretch Denim Jean.

Colours = Navy

$62.73 + gst =$69.00

Denim Work Jeans

Hard Yakka Y03514

14 1/2 Oz Enzyme Washed Rigid Denim Jean.

Colours = Denim

$53.64 + gst =$59.00

Legend Jeans

Hard Yakka Y03041

Legends Denim Jeans.

Colours = Black | Blue Black

$71.82 + gst =$79.00

Narro Fit Work Pants

Hard Yakka Y03019

Legends Narrow Fit Stretch Denim.

Colours = Blue Black | Black

Stretch Denim Jeans

Hard Yakka Y44610

Stretch Denim Jean.

Colours = Denim

$62.73 + gst =$69.00

FXD Stretch Jeans

FXD Workwear WD-1

Stretch Work Jeans With A Modern Tapered In Fit And Reinforced Knee.

Available in Indigo with Knee Patch

$86.31 + gst =$94.94

FXD Work Jeans

FXD Workwear WD-2

Stretch Work Jeans With A Tapered In Fit.

Available in Indigo - no Knee patch on this model.

$86.31 + gst =$94.94

Modern Fit Jeans

Syzmik ZP507

Stretch Denim Work Jeans.

Stretch Modern Fit Jeans

$54.40 + gst =$59.84