Work Shorts

Short Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05115

3056 Short Shorts.
Colours = Charcoal | Green

3056 Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05100

3056 Work Shorts.
Colours = Charcoal | Green

Generation Y Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05500

Generation Y Cotton Drill Short.
Colours = Black | Green | Khaki | Navy | White

Short With Side Tabs

Hard Yakka Y05501

Utility Cotton Drill Short With Side Tabs.
Colours = Green | Khaki | Navy

Traditional Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05511

Utility Cotton Drill Short With Belt Loops.
Colours = Green | Khaki | Navy

Elastic Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05545

Elastic Waist Cotton Drill Short.
Colours = Green | Navy

Koolgear Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05140

Lightweight Cargo Koolgear Shorts.
Colours = Black | Khaki | Navy

Denim Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05681

Enzyme Washed Denim Work Shorts.
Colours = Denim

Legend Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05066

Legends Cotton Duck Weave Short.
Colours = Black | Green | Khaki | Khaki Charcoal | Navy

Xtreme Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y05083

Legends Xtreme Cotton Duck Weave Short.
Colours = Charcoal Black | Khaki Black | Navy

Womens Work Shorts

Hard Yakka Y08106

Womens Work Short.
Colours = Khaki | Navy

AIW Cargo Shorts

Australian Industrial Wear WP06

Mens Heavy Cotton Pre-shrunk Cargo Shorts.
Navy | Khaki | Black

AIW Durable Shorts

Australian Industrial Wear WP11

Mens Durable Work Shorts.
Black | Bottle | Khaki | Navy

Huski Cargo Shorts

Huski Explorer 5196

Cargo Short.
Bone Navy 92 - 127

FXD WS 1 Shorts

FXD Workwear WS-1

Work Shorts With A Modern Fit Sitting Above The Knee.
Navy | Khaki | Black

FXD Shorter Leg Shorts

FXD Workwear WS-2

Shorter Leg Shorts With Side Ruler Pocket.
Navy | Khaki | Black | Green

FXD Lightweight Shorts

FXD Workwear LS-1

Lightweight Work Short.
Navy | Khaki

Syzmik Ripstop Shorts

Syzmik ZS505

Heat Stress Management Work Shorts.
100% Square Weave Cotton Ripstop - 240 gsm

Shorter Fit Shorts

Syzmik ZS506

Heat Stress Management Short Short.
Mechanical stretch to give you more freedom of movement

Adjustable Waist Shorts

Syzmik ZS502

Basic Cargo Short.
Adjustable side tab on waistband

Multi Pocket Shorts

Syzmik ZS510

Ultralite Multi-pocket Short.
15 pockets make this short the ultimate tool to get the job done

D Ring Shorts

Syzmik ZW011

Mens Plain Utility Short.
Work Shorts with a D Ring to hold keys

Triple Stitch Work Shorts

Syzmik ZW012

Drill Cargo Short.
Triple stitched seams for extra durability

12 Pocket Shorts

Syzmik ZW013

Cordura Duckweave Short.
Canvas Cotton with 12 Multi-function pockets

Workcraft Dress Shorts

Workcraft WP3046

Cargo Cotton Drill Short.
Navy Khaki White Black R 77 - 132 R 77 - 132

Workcraft Elastic Waist Shorts

Workcraft WP7000

Cotton Drill Elastic Waist Flat Front With Zip.
Navy Khaki Bottle Black R 77-112 S 87 – 132

Semi Fitted Work Shorts

Australian Industrial Wear WP21

Cordura Semi-Fitted Cordura Work Shorts.
Available in Khaki & Navy

FXD Stretch Shorts

FXD Workwear WS-3

Stretch Modern Fit Work Shorts.
Available in Navy Khaki and Black.

B-Protected hold some stock of work shorts at the Dandenong showroom and supply other styles from manufacturers warehouses.

The trend recently has been for work shorts to have a short leg length, FXD work shorts and the Yakka 3056 shorts are both examples of this. Even the Hard Yakka Legend shorts, which previous sat below the knee, have been re-cut to sit above the knee.

Stretch shorts are a welcome addition to this summer as well. The Legend 3d shorts (Y05036 and Y05038) both feature elastane to make them more comfortable to wear.

Ripstop shorts will also be a popular style if its a hot summer. The Ripstop cotton is lightweight with fabric strength being added from a “ripstop” grid woven into the fabric.