Mack Chassis

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Mack Chassis

Mack Boots - Z-MKCHASSIS

M-Wrap Chassis Safety Boots - Z-MKCHASSIS

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These boots are available in black or honey and the boots have a steel safety toe.

Medial wrapped midsole design provides rearfoot stability for those that need it. Particularly important for people with flat feet and those that wear orthotics or arch supports.
The CHASSIS is purpose built for those exposed to sharp objects and hot material in construction and heavy industries.
Combining Kevlar® stitching and fire retardant lacing, full leather upper and PenetrationResistant midsole, the CHASSIS is ideal for workers exposed to sparks and other hot material.
The M-WRAPâ„¢ sole unit is modelled on foot movement patterns for optimised traction and performance on a firm surface.