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Embroidery swatch

Embroidery swatch

Embroidery swatch

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B-Protected can provide embroidery services as an add-on for clothing purchased from us. We have the capacity to manage jobs from 1 to 1000 units. We frequently manage jobs with a variety of products including Workwear, Hi Vis Clothing, Promotional Wear, Business Shirts, Caps, Jackets, & Bags.

How we set up your logo for embroidery - When artwork is involved we embroider your logo onto a swatch of fabric first for approval. To do this we need to set up your logo, we can work with most picture formats including .jpg .gif .png .pdf and others. As a rule of thumb, your logo needs to be of high enough quality that it can be printed the size of an a4 sheet of paper without looking blurry. This ensures that as it is digitized we get the best possible results. A few examples of swatches are featured to give you an idea of what can be done.

It is always important to consider what colour background the logo is to be embroidered on. If your logo colours involve say Navy for example, and we are embroidering Navy shirts, it will not show up. Below is an example of where a white background has been added to allow us to keep the logo colours.

In its most simple form embroidery can be used to add text to a garment. No set up charges are charged when using text, making it a low cost option for your company name. Embroidered text is also useful for identification / laundry purposes where a employees name needs to be monogrammed onto the garment.

Text Size – (usually either 8mm high letters, 10mm, 12mm up-to 50mm)

Very small detail sometimes causes a problem when trying to embroider workwear, for example text can shrink to about 8mm high and still look ok, but smaller makes it hard to read.

This logo is supposed to include the text “Licensed plumbers Drainers and Gas fitters” and illustrates anything smaller than “Domestic & Commercial” may not work very well.

Embroidery Positions

LHS (Left Hand Side) front is the most popular position for embroidery, however other options exist. “On the pocket” is NOT a option unfortunately, unless the pocket is embroidered first and sewn on after. Each sleeve can look good, especially if wearing overalls with straps or aprons that may cover the front. Pants can be embroidered above the back pocket (usually right hand side), shorts may even be embroidered on the leg. Embroidery can work well on the back when larger sizes are required, however the price increases as the number of stitches increase. For this reason we often embroider small runs of less than 10 on the back, larger runs of 50+ we would recommend screen-printing as a less expensive option.

Embroidery Thread Colours

When your logo is designed the designer will often use PMS colours to ensure every time it is printed the same colour is used. For embroidery however a large choice of threads exists, but it does not cover every PMS colour, the nearest thread available will have to be used.

Screenprinting your logo.

B-Protected can provide screen printing services as an add-on for clothing purchased from us. We have the capacity to manage jobs from 1 to many thousands of units. We frequently manage jobs with a variety of products including Workwear, Hi Vis Clothing, & Promotional Clothing.

Screen print vs embroidery

We usually recommend screenprinting when you would like your logo as large as possible on the back of a garment. Since a lot of time is required to set up this process, it is usually only cost-effective when having more than 20 garments screen printed. Embroidery would be recommended for smaller jobs. It may also be wise to screenprint a few extra if you may have new employees join who may need a couple of items of screen printed uniform. To set up a screenprint we need to obtain your logo in a print format, only a few files are suitable, these include .pdf .eps .ai, this format can usually be obtained from the graphic designer who designed your logo, or your printer who prints your business cards/stationary. If you do not have your logo in this format, it may need to be redrawn, additional costs can be incurred if this is the case.

Colours & Effects

We can print up to 12 colours, as mentioned above the more colours, the more time it takes to set the job up, and hence the higher setup costs. With 2 colours or more we usually work with minimum runs of 50 items. Colours can be matched to your corporate PMS colours. Glitter, Shimmer, Puff, Glow, Gels & Reflective prints can also be created. We have used reflective printing very effectively using a silver reflective colour to match the reflective tape on a safety vest.

Print Size

The print size can vary, normally we work with A4, however, jumbo prints are also an option (up to 58cm x 80cm).

Limitations and other techniques.

Most materials that garments are made from work well with screenprinting. One exception is polar fleece because it does not have a smooth finish for the print to adhere to. We have in the past used sublimation printed badges to overcome this.

Another exception is nylon rainwear, the final process of a screen printing involves the garment passing through a heat tunnel. Some rainwear may not cope well with this level of heat. Another option does exist for rainwear called plastisol transfers. The effect is identical to screenprinting, but heat is only applied to a small area.